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Accelerate transform! Sijia Group upgrades its digital management project

2022-12-14    Source:    Hit:116

On the afternoon of December 13, the kick-off meeting of the digital upgrading project of Sijia Group was held in Sijia (Fuzhou) Industrial Park.

Lin Shengxiong, chairman of the board of directors, emphasized that the operation of the digital upgrade project is a big change. The management team of Sijia should be prepared for continuous improvement and change in the next 3-5 years, change their thinking, challenge themselves, and realize the success of the project and personal growth.

Digital transformation has become the only way for enterprises to achieve sustainable development. This digital upgrading operation project will be phased, taking the Group headquarters and Sijia (Fuzhou) Industrial Park as pilots, and gradually spreading to Sijia (Shanghai) Industrial Park and Sijia (Fuqing) Industrial Park.

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